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What’s fascinating about home is that it represents the spirit of your struggles as well as your healing.

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Carley Summers Design specializes in full service interior design, interior photography, styling, and furniture design. Each of our services is an expression of our philosophy that home is a sanctuary to be stewarded well.

2024 Copyright Carley Summers

Carley’s first book, Sacred Spaces, is available for purchase now. This collection of photography and accompanying profiles explore the traumas and triumphs of being human and how the home we create tells the story of both.

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Warm and inviting formal white living room designed and photographed by carley summers


We are—first and foremost—storytellers. Our work in interiors and photography centers the experiences of our clients and brands and translates them to something tangible. As a full service interior design firm, we specialize in a holistic process that begins with detailed drawings and ends with the thoughtful, purposeful styling of every detail.

The Max Collection

We collaborated with River & Bord, a purveyor of luxury, American-made furnishings to produce a line of modern heirlooms. Each one is inspired by furniture sketches that were hand drawn by Carley’s grandfather, Max, more than 60 years ago.

Sacred Spaces



Everyday people and the beautiful homes created out of their trials, healing, and victories.


A gorgeous photography collection, featuring home interiors and profiles of the people who have transformed these spaces into sanctuaries, calling you to create your own sacred space.

By Carley Summers

Sacred Spaced written by Carley Summers author

                  arley Summers Design is a full service interior design studio born out of the belief—and firsthand experience—that home has the potential to inspire healing, safety, hospitality, and growth. The spaces we design, rooted in the stories and authentic identities of our clients, are built on and for meaningful connection. Carley founded her namesake studio following years of capturing the narratives woven through homes as an interior photographer.

Even before that, Carley’s appreciation for design—the origins of her calling—can be traced back to her time in rehab, where she was given a space of her own for the first time after being homeless. Grounded in her experience, our intimate team of designers views every project as an opportunity to steward our gifts and our clients’ resources well—and to cultivate a deeply personal sanctuary that acknowledges their history and embraces their present.